Villa Æstiva Latina in Florence / Latin course for boys and girls aged 14 – 18 / July, 9th – 30th, 2017


This year too, the Center for Classical Studies GrecoLatinoVivo, in collaboration with Scuola Toscana, presents an intensive Latin course which will take place in the beautiful Florentine countryside at the Casa al Giogo Resort, where the course will be held as well as where teachers and students alike will be accomodated.
The course is intended for high school students aged 14 to 18 years, who want to begin,  refresh or master their knowledge of the Latin language.

ingresso al giogoOur Center has developed a modern approach in the study of these languages, through the direct method, which enables students to learn Latin and Greek through the students’ constant involvement in reading, listening, comprehension exercises and active production. Since its opening two years ago, GrecoLatinoVivo has taught the classical languages to more than 250 students using the natural method.
You can download the full program by clicking here.

The Course
18194738_10156149591142846_7349558173583850003_nThe duration of the Latin course will be 3 weeks long for all those want to begin, refresh or master their knowledge of Latin.
The classes will be held exclusively in Latin, and Latin will be the only language that the students will communicate in, aided by the teachers at every step of the way.
According to the most recent discoveries in the field of language acquisition, this is found to be the most effective method for learning any given language in a short period of time.

13483239_527240817477011_1413200843976069970_oThe course provides a gradual acquisition of lexical and morpho-syntactic structures of the language with cognitive processes taken into consideration. A part of the course will be dedicated specifically to translation techniques, which are often treated inadequately in schools.
The number of available places is limited, so we advise you to sign up as soon as possible, by clicking here.

The Location
The students will find themselves in a beautiful rural area on the outskirts of Florence, in a comfortable and cozy countryside resort. The students, immersed in nature, will have the chance to enjoy one of the most fascinating areas of central Italy. They will also have the chance to visit the less known, but nevertheless extremely important “Roman Florence”, accompanied by their teachers.

DSCF7214 - CopiaWe will spend three weeks in a secluded environment, away from the city noise, in a resort at approximately 20 kilometers’ distance from the city, with full board, and we will benefit from a true and proper immersion both in the Latin language and culture as well as in the surrounding nature.
To see the resort, please visit the site

For further information regarding Greek and Latin courses, please visit our site
We will be more than happy to respond to any and all questions that you might have regarding both the organization of the course as well as its program.

How to sign up
The deadline for the application, with the deposit paid in advance, is May, the 20th 2017.
To take part it is necessary to:

  • fill in the applicaton module online, located at:
  • make a deposit of 750€ per person through bank transfer to the following account:

Banca Ifigest
Piazza Santa Trinita
50122 Firenze Italia
IBAN: IT67R0318502801000010218857

The total sum should be paid by June, the 30th 2017.
For further information, please write at

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