Villa Æstiva Latina in Florence / Latin course for boys and girls aged 14 – 18 / July, 9th – 30th, 2017


This year too, the Center for Classical Studies GrecoLatinoVivo, in collaboration with Scuola Toscana, presents an intensive Latin course which will take place in the beautiful Florentine countryside at the Casa al Giogo Resort, where the course will be held as well as where teachers and students alike will be accomodated.
The course is intended for high school students aged 14 to 18 years, who want to begin,  refresh or master their knowledge of the Latin language.

ingresso al giogoOur Center has developed a modern approach in the study of these languages, through the direct method, which enables students to learn Latin and Greek through the students’ constant involvement in reading, listening, comprehension exercises and active production. Since its opening two years ago, GrecoLatinoVivo has taught the classical languages to more than 250 students using the natural method.
You can download the full program by clicking here.
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